CrossFit Perspective.... / by Dan Case


I've kinda felt like I'm stuck on a plateau recently. More so with CrossFit but in other areas of my life as well. The last few months at CrossFit Future (best box in Ohio) I've hit some PR's and improved on some benchmark WODs. But I've been stuck on a few lifts an even regressed on a few previous Open WODs. This morning the WOD was "Karen" a WOD I've done a few times. Today I was :30 secs slower than my best time and it got me thinking about my CrossFit Perspective. 

One of the best parts of CF to me is the opportunities to surprise yourself. Many days at the box people end up doing something they never thought possible. Nothing brings a smile to your face like doing something you thought you couldn't do. Another part about CF I love is the opportunities to push your limits, to see when you stand and how you have gotten better. I believe we find ourselves at our limits. But what do we do when we fall short of another PR or a faster WOD time?

Personally I get frustrated. Recently I've started to understand the gift that movement is. I often take it for granted. But simply being able to show up and WOD has new meaning to me recently. I've been slowed buy a few sore spots here and there but overall I haven't had to take much time off from CF in the two + years that I've done it. What an honor. What a gift. Life without CF would be hard for me, it teaches me a lot about faith, life, and myself. It really is a previlage that I get to do it at all. Many people don't have the opportunities that I have had and I'm thankful for them.

So the next time you miss that PR or stink up a WOD you've crushed before, just smile and remember the gift you have be given to attempt it again.