Beard Scaping. / by Dan Case


I would like to make a moment and share what I've learned over the past few years when it comes to managing your beard. Now before the "no trim" purists freak out let's consider something. When your beard dips into your bowl of chili at the dinner table it maybe time to scale back Jed. 

So how do you properly trim your beard? These "beard & mustache trimmers" on the market are pretty worthless. If you have ever used one you may have experienced the sadness of a whacked beard that must be restarted. Over the years I have been perfecting the art of free hand trimming with hair clippers. I feel that the wide head on the clipper makes it easy to keep your beard perfectly sculpted. It takes some time to master and I have lost a few good beards in the process. Practice makes perfect.

So next time your beard is getting caught in the barbell during cleans or dipping in your Cheerios, work on your hair clipper beard scaping skills. Grow it big, keep it beautiful. Any good tips? Pass them on.