The Open. / by Dan Case


This is actually my 4th year competing in the CrossFit Games Open ( It has been a life changing experience for me. In 2011 when workout 11.1 was announced I learned what a Double Under was. Had never heard of it before. After a jump rope cram session I managed to get 152 reps in 2011. The first workout of this years Open is a repeat of that WOD. On Friday I performed the WOD at CrossFit Future and hit 292 reps. Pretty excited about what I was able to accomplish. 

The Open has made me fall in love with CrossFit. I've never participated in something that has pushed me to my limits like the Open has. In 2011 I cleaned 165# for the first time (11.3). In 2012 I got introduced to 7mins of Burpees and Snatched 135# for the first time (12.1 & 12.2). 2013 I was able to hit 10 Muscle Ups at the end of a WOD and realized how brutal a 4 min WOD could be (13.3 & 13.5). 

It it feels good to have a WOD complete and # on the leaderboard.  I'm really excited to see what the next 4 weeks brings. You don't have to be a regional caliber athlete that have a great experience in the Open. You just have to show up and give it all you got.