Reebok CrossFit Lite TR Review: / by Dan Case


I have had these shoes for about 3 weeks now and have put them through the paces a bit so I wanted to share some thoughts on them. When I first saw them I loved that they were high tops, I've owned a few pair of high top chucks over the years so these fit the bill. I drove down to Rogue Fitness (yeah, being close to Rogue is sweet) and picked up a pair. I have tried just about every kind of WOD and lift in these shoes. Here are my likes and dislikes when it comes to these shoes:

*Side note - I use a pair of WodLifts in these. I bought the wodlifts to go in my Nanos. I need the raised heal because of mobility issues but I have never liked Oly shoes. Highly recommend wodlifts if you are in the same boat.


Likes - Super light and low to the ground. Great for deadlifts, squats (front, back, & goblet), presses, cleans, KB swings, box jumps, d/u's, rope climbs (grip really well) and snatch (power & split). The combo of these shoes and the wodlifts give you a very stable and grounded shoe. The high top is also very comfortable and gives you the sense of added support on your ankles. The price is also great at $89.99. 

Dislikes - I really don't like running in these. The Reebok Oly Lifter is more comfortable to run in and that's not saying much. I also don't like them for HSPU's. I have to be aggressive in my kip to do HSPU's and the back of my heels get a little beat up from hitting the wall. Not much there to absorb the impact. I also don't like to Overhead squat and squat snatch in these. These are my two worst lifts and even with the wodlifts these shoes don't help much. My best combo for these two movements are Nano's + wodlifts for me. I think in this situation the high top limits my ankle mobility a little. 

Overall I love these shoes. 8 out of 10 days in the box they are perfect. They would make a great addition to any CF shoe collection. And did I mention they look freakin awesome. Just did. Give them a try and let me know what you think, I'm already excited to see a 2.0 version of these.