Making a comeback. / by Dan Case


Everybody loves a good comeback story. It's the plot of many best selling books and top money making films. We want to see the underdog turn the tides on the favorite and get the win. To me life is all about our personal comeback story. I've heard it said that it's not what happens to you in life that matters but rather how you respond to it. Life is hard and it does its best to knock us off our feet whenever it can. When we get knocked down the question is "Will we make a comeback?"

I believe we can respond two ways to the battles we face in life: 1 - We can allow them to run us over and we can become victims. Victims can allow the past to ruin the future. 2 - Or we can allow them to strengthen us, refine us, and make us overcomers. Overcomers are the kings of comebacks. 

What areas in your life are you in need of a comeback? Your marriage? Your family? How about your job or school work? Realize that failure is just an opportunity for a comeback, it's a chance for a victory to be had. Big or small a comeback always feels good. 

This time of year is a great reminder of the greatest comeback there has ever been. For 3 days evil had thought it had won, the world was dark and full of despair. But then the Light broke though and made a comeback that changed the history of the world. Jesus won the victory for all of us. This Easter remember the comeback that tops them. Remember your battle has already been won, Jesus is victorious. He is the key to every comeback you will make in your life. In need of a comeback?? It's time to make one.