The Open is closed. / by Dan Case


Well my 2014 CrossFit Games season has ended. Although it was a good year I didn't quite meet all of my goals. I DID Rx the Overhead Squat WOD, but a score of 22 was not what I wanted on that one. However, I DIDN'T beat Bob Harper this year. Head to head I took 3 out of 5 WODs but my low score on 14.2 (OHS fail) gave him a higher worldwide ranking. Oh well, congrats Bob. 

This is actually my 4th year doing the CrossFit Games Open which is crazy to me. While I'm proud to have posted a score for every Open WOD ever done I realize that after 4 years I still have a long way to go. The closest I came to not completing a WOD was back in 2011. 11.3 had a 165# squat clean and jerk. At the time my max on those lifts were no where near that. They allowed you to clean the barbell, then front squat it and you could get 1 rep, which was 1 point, which I did. So with a score of "1" I completed the WOD. Although I watched the video I submitted for that WOD a few months ago and I was no were near full squat depth. No one tell the Dave Castro!!

As another Open season comes to a close I came away with a lot things that I learned. The Open exposes weaknesses, so we all know what to spend extra time on this year. It also gives us great victorys. It was fun to see people getting lifting PR's, first C2B pull-ups, first T2B, and realizing that many burpees and thrusters won't kill you. For me my highlight was getting a (single) muscle-up on 14.4. It hurt so gooood!!! The biggest lesson I learned is one that I already knew but that I often forget. And that is this - The Black Magic of CrossFit is Intensity. 

Intensity is what makes CrossFit. The Open takes you to a level of intensity that most days we don't go. More than ever I realized this year what I am capable of when I raise my intensity. Daily at my home box, CrossFit Future, I don't bring the intensity like I did during the Open. Intensity changes everything.

As I have been able to Rx more WODs I've noticed that when I have to modify something my intensity drops. Mentally I check out. My biggest fix this year is to bring Open WOD intensity everyday in the box, whether I'm the Mayor of ModCity or not. (I see a t-shirt idea!!) I want to attack every lift, skill, and WOD with maximum effort. Excited to see what next years brings!! 

Also excited to see my CF2 family continue to rock it at regionals! It's going to be fun in Cincinnati. How about for you? What's your biggest lesson or victory from this years Open?