What Rev Run would CrossFit in..... / by Dan Case

I have said for a while that the Reebok Nano U-Form was the best overall CrossFit out there. I still believe that. Personally though I have struggled with ankle mobility and proper squat form for quite a while. In my quest to correct this issue I bought a pair of Reebok CrossFit Oly Shoes ($125) & a pair of Adidas Power Lifters ($100). Neither were very comfortable or seemed very helpful. I didn't see the improvement in my ankle mobility and hated the oly shoes for most CF WODs. 

About 6 months ago I heard about wodLifts (http://wodlifts.com) and how they can turn any shoe in an "oly" style shoe. I bought a pair and put them in my U-Form Nano's. They helped my mobility but they made the shoe feel very unstable, like i was about to roll my ankle every time i moved. Then I got on the high top shoe kick and bought the Reebok Power Lite TR's. Really cool shoe and the wodLifts fit well in them. Only real negative to them was they were terrible to run in. Even on short 100m runs. I actually bruised my heel a few times in these while running and coming off the rings from muscle-ups. Then there was the quality issue. The front of both of my Power Lite TR's started coming apart after only a few moths of CF in them. Even though they were only $90 (cheap when it comes to CF shoes) I expected more.

Enter the Run DMC's (as Tim R. called them). While visiting an Adidas Outlet about an hour from my house I found these old school basketball shoes on the clearance rack. The price? $15!! As soon as I tried them on I knew they would be a great CF shoe. Once I got them home I dropped my wodLifts in them and it has been squat paradise ever since. These shoes have been great for every WOD I have tried AND every barbell movement. Dare I say, I may never buy a pair of mainstream CrossFit shoes again. The sad part about that statement is that CF is becoming mainstream. But then again maybe that's a good thing, wodLifts wouldn't exist if CF hadn't become what it is. Don't be afraid to go against the norm and try something different, after all isn't that the essence of CrossFit? So for $55 you can build some great CF shoes, what do you WOD in?