Furnished or Unfurnished? / by Dan Case

I have had a lot of fun this year getting to see a lot of really cool homes. I find it interesting what people prefer while viewing a property that they might purchase. Obviously cleaning the place up is a good starting point, and one that is often skipped for some reason. But what about personal items and decorations? Should you "stage" a property to draw in buyers?  While in homes this year I have FOUND some interesting items! Below are a few pictures I took while walking through homes with clients this year. I've seen interesting decorations, strange pets that make terrifying noises, the smallest plunger ever made, and many amazing portraits!

My question for you is the: When viewing a home or condo is it easier to imagine your stuff in a place when it's furnished or unfurnished? Are you more of a blank canvas person or does it help to see how a couch or table fits in a certain area? Leave a comment below to let me know.