Beard Patina? by Dan Case


I come from a long line of red beards. My dad and my uncle both have red beards. The past few years as my beard has grow it has started showing some white and gray patches. I've had kids ask me if I had toothpaste in my beard. Others have asked why I haven't dyed it. Here's my thoughts:

When you find a vintage car in a barn that has a natural patina that has occurred over years of oxidation do you repaint it?? No!! You slap some clear coat on it and enjoy it. It's a design that cannot be reproduced. I feel the same way about white and gray patches in a beard. It's a design of the Creator, why would I change it? To look younger?? No concern about that here. If you rock some salt and pepper just own it. And that goes for the music as well, Shoop......